Japan Earthquake

The Archipelago of Japan is located in the area where some oceanic and continental plates meet. Earthquakes are frequent in this country because of this and the presence of so many hot springs and volcanoes across Japan. When an earthquake happens close or below the ocean, this may trigger big tidal waves or what you call the tsunami. According to the history of Japan, there had been a lot of earthquakes that occurred in the country.

One of the worst dated earthquakes in the history was in 1923 in Kanto Plain in Tokyo and this resulted to almost 100,000 deaths. It was in January year 1995 when another strong earthquake struck Japan in the city of Kobe. The earthquake killed 6,000 people and 415,000 were injured. A lot of properties were also destroyed by the earthquake. The people of Japan are always aware of the possibilities that anytime, an earthquake might happen. They always prepare survival supplies, but this is not enough to prevent the earthquake.

March 11, 2011 when another strong earthquake occurred in Japan and this triggered a huge tsunami on the Pacific Coast of Japan which is known as the Great East Japan Earthquake. It killed 20,000 people and also caused a nuclear accident on the power plant of Fukushima Prefecture. Since Japan is known for its high technology, it has created some devices that are used to track earthquakes for them know if a big earthquake will happen in their country. This way, they will be able to avoid deaths and injuries.